Weight Loss And Better Sleep Quality With ZMA

zmaWhen it comes to losing weight, a method suggested for those just starting out is to concentrate on a program of dieting and body building. The ZMA is reputed for its multiple functionalities. Apart from the obvious effects on building body muscles, and burning of fat, it is also reputed for providing better qualities of sleep to its user.  This quality of better sleep also assists in recovery of muscles after strenuous workouts.

Different approaches can be adopted when one intends to lose weight. Because the bulk of the unwanted weight exists as body fat, weight loss candidates concentrate on getting themselves shed this unwanted fat. The methods of getting rid of this fat are numerous. The most common is to burn the fat using aerobics and exercises. Others prefer to engage in a program of dieting. Both methods achieve the same results although at different paces.

This is why the ZMA supplement is regarded by all and held in very high esteem because it can fulfill multiple aspects of the expectation of body builders and weight loss patients.

In a study in 2007, it was reported that a full month of supplementation with zinc in men improved their testosterone levels after exercise and at rest. The same study also discovered the same results for supplementation for zinc in wrestlers.

Some results reveal that zinc supplementation on levels of testosterone caused a depletion of the zinc which reduced endurance of muscles of the subjects. What these results indicate is that the maintenance of levels of zinc that are optimal is necessary for their ability to complete any routine of body building.

Both magnesium and zinc are known to blunt a catabolic hormone cortisol. Researchers have discovered that athletes consuming a supplement of magnesium for one month maintain a level of healthy cortisol after their workout and at rest as compared to those placebo-taking athletes. And subjects who supplemented with zinc maintained a balance of cortisol that was healthy.

The levels of GH (growth hormone) can be boosted indirectly by ZMA. This is because it enhances the quality of sleep as result of the ability of magnesium to be normalized and extended into stage 4 and stage 3 sleeps in slow waves. This is necessary as sleep that is deeper can assist to increase levels of GH which get to their peak at night.

Zinc is also necessary for the maintenance of the production of the thyroid hormone. This is crucial for maintaining our rate of metabolism which is the calories quantity that are expended daily and also the body’s fat-burning capacities being kept up. Remaining low in zinc limits the production of the thyroid hormone, and if the functioning of the thyroid hormone is compromised, it could result in a rate of metabolism that is lower which would make it more difficult to reduce body fat. Research has gotten confirmation that whenever a diet has low amounts of zinc, the levels of thyroid hormones decrease and the rate of resting metabolism falls.

zinkStill yet in another study, subjects placed on a diet of low zinc experienced very noticeable rates of metabolism that were lower. When the subjects were given 25mg of zinc daily for 30 days, their metabolism increased to levels that were more than even prior to when they adopted the diet that was low in zinc. The studies equally revealed that one month of supplementation with zinc increases the levels of the thyroid hormone in sedentary men and wrestlers.

It is apparent that zinc is both necessary for the function of the thyroid and for the maintenance of levels of the leptin hormone. This hormone is vital for the maintenance of a high rate of metabolism in addition to keeping down hunger. Being zinc deficient leads to noticeable lower leptin levels.

Another benefit of zinc is that it is necessary for the functioning of immunity in the body. Zinc affects numerous aspects of the system of immunity. Research suggests that zinc supplementation assists in building and maintaining an immunity system that is strong.

5 Steps to Boosting Your Metabolism and Losing More Weight

You probably know that improving the metabolic function of your body will help you get rid of more pounds more quickly. But what is metabolism actually and how can you make it work faster for you? Get the information which you require and a recipe for achieving more effective weight loss now.

Source: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/weight-loss/in-depth/metabolism/art-20046508

Understanding Your Metabolism

metabolism explainedThis is the process through which the body transforms the calories from foods and drinks to energy which it can use to function normally. Your basal metabolic rate corresponds to the calories which your body requires to do its work on a daily basis.

You may be surprised to learn that some 70% of your calorie intake per day is used by your body to perform its functions. This means that if you boost your metabolism just a little bit, you can enjoy more effective and faster weight loss without taking any extra measures.

With all this being said, it is worth noting that the unnatural slowdown of the metabolism is extremely rare event. Simply put, the reason why you gain extra weight is highly unlikely to result from metabolic problems. Hence, you can have peace of mind and follow the steps shared below confidently.

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The 5-Step Daily Routine

  1. Consume at least 1,200 calories per day – This is the basic minimum which your body needs to maintain its optimal basal metabolic rate. If you go on a crash diet, your body will fight against your weight loss effort. It is best to have three meals per day and two snacks between them.
  1. Replace simple carbohydrates with complex ones – The latter have been found to speed up the metabolic rate up to a third. So forget about foods made from white flour and about white rice and replace them with whole-grain bread and pasta and brown rice.
  1. Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily – This helps to increase your heart rate and oxygen intake. As a result, your body will perform its basic functions at a higher rate and you will lose more weight.
  1. Build strong muscles – A pound of muscle burns three times more calories than a pound of fat every day. Start strength training with sessions twice a week to achieve the best result.
  1. Stay away from alcohol – Two glasses of a high-alcohol beverage can reduce your basic metabolic rate by as much as three thirds. Drink more water, green tea and coffee and reduce your alcohol intake to the minimum.